Корабль плывёт, вид сверху

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We perform a multi-level selection process for the delivery of your shipments

  • 7 years

    of successful business on the ship rental market and cargo transportation market

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    We find a proper vessel in less than a week

  • 600

    shipments occur yearly with our help

Appolo Shipping

Now Appolo Shipping’s priority is to provide the client with the most convenient destinations and conditions for shipping cargo to and from China and Japan

We strive to lift a level of the quality of our services every day giving our customers the maximum number of benefits:

  • Quality and dispatch

    Development of measures and standards aimed at preventing environmental pollution

  • Safety

    Improving standards for safe navigation of ships

  • Environmental care

    Development measures and standards aimed at preventing environmental pollution

Company history


Appolo Shipping LLC was registered in 2015 and has been engaged in data processing and providing consulting services until 2021

1st quarter 2021

Appolo Shipping LLC has made a strategic decision to change the area of business in the 1st quarter of 2021

April, June, 2021

In April and June 2021, agreements were reached with foreign suppliers and memorandums were signed for the purchase of two vessels, FESCO Janina and FESCO Olga


Currently the main activity of the company is the leasing of its own and rented foreign and coastal vessels for the transportation of cargoes with or without the crew.

Our partners

  • ЛокоБанк
  • ТрансФин
  • Fesco
  • Калинка


  • Кулькина Татьяна Сергеевна CEO Кулькина Татьяна Сергеевна
  • Красильникова Айгуль Хазисовна Chief Accountant Красильникова Айгуль Хазисовна

Taking care of the crew

Appolo Shipping builds the occupational safety policy in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the states where its departments are located, based on principles set out in the international standard ISO 45001 in the field of labor protection.

It is important for us to comply with requirements of international agreements, standards and national legislative requirements. Constant improvements and upgrading of labor protection and working conditions sphere help to reduce risks based on their control. Also we plan and implement the activity aimed at reducing occupational injuries and occupational diseases and providing workers with personal protective equipment against harmful production factors.

Goals of Appolo Shipping

To increase the operational efficiency: the optimization of linehandling, towing, debarcation, embarkation processes, and ship’s directions to reduce the travel time and improve customer service.

Goals of Appolo Shipping

To increase the transportation volume and the auxiliary fleet: to increase the number of cargo containers, ships, tugboats, to extend the business and increase the revenue to the Russian Federation budget.

Goals of Appolo Shipping

To extend geographical coverage: the opening of new routes, the upgrading of old routes, the addition of new ports, the development of the SMP to increase cargo turnover and attract new customers.

Goals of Appolo Shipping

To reduce the environmental effect: the introducing of the latest environmentally friendly technologies and transportation methods to reduce the effect on the environment.

Goals of Appolo Shipping

To improve the safety of cargo transportation: the introducing of new technologies and procedures to provide cargo safety and prevent accidents during transportation.

Goals of Appolo Shipping

To increase customer satisfaction: the improving of the service quality, the reducing of the delivery time.


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